LeaseBlocks is a platform which supports the digital future business model of leading asset finance companies.

LeaseBlocks uses top proven digital technologies that aims to offer a simpler and faster experience to the end customers through new innovative products with rich feature diversity and deep functional power.

About us

Adapting to the fast-changing new world we're enabling the leasing companies digitalization journeys with easy to implement, adopt and scale solutions.

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How we do this?

Step by step implementation.

  • Lower effort invested
  • Shorter time to market
  • Failure resistant

Add / fill / replace

  • Add new blocks to open new market opportunities
  • Fill business gaps by integrating with existing systems
  • Replace outdated / incomplete systems

Plug & Play design

  • Each block was design with the idea of being easy to integrate with other blocks or other external applications

Features of Our Products

Contract Management

The foundation of your business relationships is the contract. We offer the complete management of the contract lifecycle from the activation through the execution to the termination or renewal.

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Client 360

A single unified view of the client from all your systems. Making the right decision requires each employee involved, to have the same version of truth about the client in order the create the correct profile.

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Automate your origination process, increase the productivity of your staff and make your customers happier.

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Collection & Litigation

Reduce costs and increase return on investment without adding collection staff, from first DPD to closure and legal process.

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Self-Care Portal

It saves time and money. Empower your organization to communicate online with your clients and suppliers.

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Our Corporate Clients

Strong relationships are the key to success in any domain.

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